Identify serious infection
from sample to result
in one hour.

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What if every physician in the world could go from blood draw to an exact microbe identification in less than one hour—while leaving microbes intact for further testing? 3iDx has developed the technology that makes this possible.


Critical Issues

Every hour, 50 people around the world die of sepsis. This medical emergency driven by blood infection attacks 30 million people worldwide annually and can kill in as little as 24 hours.

Physicians typically do the only thing they can: prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics that are designed to fight a wide range of microbes. Antimicrobial resistant microbes are now so common that broad spectrum antibiotics are no longer as effective as they once were. If the antimicrobials aren’t effective against the specific microbe, the patient could become another statistic, and the statistics are appalling.


Sepsis has a mortality as high as 70% in advanced healthcare systems. For physicians treating sepsis patients, time is critical. Studies show that mortality from sepsis may be improved from 70% to 20% if the right targeted antimicrobial is administered to the patient within the first hour of sepsis onset. After 10 hours, sepsis mortality climbs to about 70%. Prescribing the right targeted drug to fight the microbe is an imperative since broad spectrum approaches have lost so much of their effectiveness. Unfortunately, our best tools to identify and characterize a microbial infection require waiting 2 to 6 days for blood culturing, which is a 150-year-old process. With their hands tied, physicians tell us that they are completely blind to identifying the infection for a minimum of 2 days, so they typically use broad spectrum antibiotics in an attempt to save their patient. If the patient is really ill then the physician may prescribe an antibiotic of last resort even though they do not know the cause of the infection. This is accelerating the depletion of our dwindling options to fight infections.

By prescribing broad spectrum antibiotics or other antibiotics that are ineffective against a specific strain of infection, it enables the microbes to adapt. They get stronger and with each replication as the infection grows, the number of resistant strains accelerates. Over time, they can become totally resistant to antibiotics. It is this bleak fact that is now returning us to a pre-penicillin world.

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We can fight back, but not with drugs alone. The last new antibiotic hit the market in 1987. If we’re going to overcome this adversary, we’ll need faster, smarter technology to help physicians get more out of the drugs we already have, and we need something that accelerates drug development that also reduces the cost and time of clinical trials. That’s what 3iDx delivers.


Our Solution

3iDx builds technology that lets physicians identify harmful microbes within an hour so they can make precise diagnoses that save lives and slash costs.

We’ve developed the world’s first device that can detect and identify microbes directly from whole blood, without culturing, in less than an hour. This enables physicians to quickly treat patients with the highly targeted antimicrobial they really need.

Unlike any other technology on the market, this device:

  • Isolates bacteria from blood via pressure driven, selective (non-chemical) lysis.
  • Leaves the sample microbes intact after identification.
  • Uses a novel infrared molecular profiling technology to accurately identify thousands of different kinds of microbial strains.
  • Is portable, easy to operate, and cost-effective enough to be deployed in clinics across the developing world.


With a single blood draw and using a simple workflow, we now have the technology to identify a large number of microbial strains in only one hour.


About Us

Decades into a struggle to identify and treat life-threatening infections, we’ve been left with sicker patients, invincible microbes, and no new antibiotics to treat them. Our mission is to find cheaper, faster, more precise ways to identify and treat these microbes. With more than 50 years in the field, we’ve used our combined experience to develop a novel approach to do just that.


Jim Janicki, 
President & CEO 


Rajesh Krishnamurthy,
Chief Technology Officer


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3i Diagnostics has entered an $11.5 billion market with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% and we see an additional new market of $10+ billion dollars that we intend to create. 

Our current go-to-market strategy is to focus on helping healthcare providers deal with the staggering challenge of treating blood infections. We will then build assays for other samples such as swabs, sputum, etc.

We plan to first release a research-us-only version of our new technology platform to help researchers to discover new ways to fight resistant microbes and to allow rapid detection and identification of microbes in non-clinical applications.

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