As recently as 2001, North Carolina was the only state in which researchers had found drug-resistant bacteria. Today, these superbugs can be found in all 50 states.

By 2050, drug-resistant microbes will be the leading cause of death in the U.S., taking 10 million lives per year. Over the next 35 years, 300 million people worldwide could die of microbial infections.

We’re quickly returning to a pre-penicillin world—but we can still fight back with better technology. 3i Diagnostics delivers this technology in ways that are helping clinicians and researchers do their part to counter the threat of drug-resistant microbes.


Accelerating In Vitro Diagnostics for Physicians and Clinicians

For physicians treating sepsis patients, timing is everything. Every passing hour lowers the patient’s chance of survival. But as they try to prescribe the right drug to fight the infection causing microbe, their hands are tied. A correct diagnosis relies on the results of blood culturing—a 150-year-old process that takes two to six days to yield conclusive results.

3i Diagnostics technology eliminates the wait for life-saving information. Physicians and other clinicians can use our solution with minimal training. They simply place a blood sample in the dock, push “Start,” and then come back to read the result in less than 30 minutes.


For physicians and clinicians

  • Speedy access to data that can increase the survival rate of sepsis patients from 30 percent to 80 percent.

  • The ability to make a precise diagnosis without the need for a hypothesis.

  • Reassurance that they’re not contributing to the spread of drug-resistant superbugs.

Streamlining key tasks for medical researchers

Of the 40 million people who receive antibiotics each year, 67 percent don’t need them. Every time a physician prescribes an antibiotic, the bacteria fight back. They adapt. They get stronger. Over time, they can become totally resistant to antibiotics.

Medical researchers need to observe organisms at all stages of clinical trials so they can see how they’ve grown and changed. 3i Diagnostics technology gives them that power.



Better efficiencies 

  • Faster, cheaper clinical trials.

  • The ability to map worldwide pathogen trends in real time.